Are you looking for a Solluna Home?


Want to build a custom home on your land or urban lot?

Thinking about renovating your home?

If you’re the kind of home owner who would revel in being an active participant in a completely collaborative design/build process, you’ve come to the right place.

Solluna Builders is an Austin, Texas, area design/build company. We walk with you through the steps to plan, design, and build your home. From your initial concepts to handing you the keys to your own Solluna Home.

Ask any Solluna home owner. Each one will tell you our proven path resulted in exactly the custom home or whole-house remodel they wanted. Often, they end up with a better home than they had even imagined. That’s the power of collaborative design/build.

Take your ideas. Fold in our expertise. Build a hand-picked team. Stir it all into the Solluna process and follow the path to your dream home.

My forever home, some call it.

It’s my last home, others say.

We just call it a Solluna Home.


Different results for different needs

If you’re a last-time home buyer wanting to build on rural land with room to park an RV. Maybe install a rainwater collection system. And add solar panels . . .

If you inherited a piece of land and aren’t quite sure how best to develop it . . .

If you want help translating your ambiguous wishes into concrete plans . . .

If you love your neighborhood but your family’s home needs major renovations . . .

If you’re an investor wanting to build rental property . . .

If you want a positive experience . . .

The Solluna design/build process is designed to help you fulfill your vision. We meet you where you are, find out where you’re going, and forge a path to get there.


You probably have lots of questions.

Knowing you can fulfill the dream for your home is great.  But if you’re the type of person with a checklist, you also know there are plenty of practical matters to consider, right?

Financial questions like these:

  • The money aspects of building a custom home—how does that work?

  • How much should I budget for my project?

  • Can I get an accurate cost estimate?

  • Sustainable construction for my investment property—does that make financial sense? What’s important?

Infrastructure questions:

  • Solar panels—that’s a wise investment for my property, right?

  • I have rural property, so I need to know about septic systems.

  • Rain water collection—I want to own my water.

  • Where should the driveway go?

  • How do we manage heavy rainfall and drainage on my land?

  • How will we connect to the utilities?

Questions about construction and mechanical systems:

  • What materials go into my home— lumber, windows, insulation, roofing, exteriors?

  • What kind of heating and air conditioning makes the best economic sense?

  • How do I make my house easy to maintain and operate?

The good news is that Solluna Builders has a proven process to help you sort through questions like these. We work with you to:

  • Set your priorities.

  • Flesh out your requirements.

  • Consider your costs and trade-offs.

  • Put a plan in place that lets you control the budget and your investment.

 To find out more, read about the services Solluna offers. Then give us a call. Let’s discuss.


Your house should work for you, rather than you having to work for the house.

How you ever wondered about the term sustainability? What does it mean? What does it have to do with green building? Why should you care?

It’s this: A home that’s sustainable works for you. This notion of sustainability is the basis of green building.

Makes good common sense, doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t you want to ensure your own home makes good common sense? It doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful thought and planning. Look for these things:

  • Site planning for your house is sensitive to the immediate environment. You’ll want to minimize destruction of trees, for example. And in central Texas where we experience periodic rain bombs, you’ll sleep easier knowing your site plan considers proper drainage.

  • Your home is planned for energy efficiency throughout. Orientation of the house to the sun. High-performance heating and air conditioning. Lighting, insulation, and appliances that reduce your energy use. These things save you money.

  • Exceptional interior air quality through the use of advanced air filtration and exchange systems.

  • Extensive use of nontoxic building materials so your family breathes clean air.

  • Water conservation efficiencies, such as water-saving toilets and shower fixtures and possibly some reuse of waste water.

  • Ease of long-term operation and management.