Austin Area Design Services for Custom Homes and Whole-House Remodels


Our philosophy is simple . . .

Beautiful, energy-efficient design right from the start.


The Solluna design-build-consulting process gives you one-stop shopping for design and construction. The Solluna team works with you from the beginning through completion.

Bring us an idea. Bring us a budget. We will assemble a hand-picked team to turn your ideas into a harmonious, comfortable, loveable home.

Our process offers you greater convenience. You can minimize your time investment and maximize your input to the project.

Integrated, top-to-bottom communications makes it easier for us all to ensure your projects stay on budget.

Part of our mission is to educate you about the building process. We want to make sure you know everything you need to know to make smart, informed choices about the best way to meet your needs, control costs, and add value to your home. That's whjy the design-build process works. It saves time and lowers your risk, and it can take away a lot of the worry.

Plan first, then design

Our philosophy is simple: beautiful, energy-efficient design right from the start.

Before the designer ever puts pen to paper, we want everyone on the team to understand the requirements, budget, considerations, and constraints that affect your property and project.

Architectural design

Solluna partners with a number of talented, experienced architects and certified building designers. They're knowledgeable about construction, building techniques, and green, sustainable, energy-efficient design.

We match you up with a professional who's a good fit for your project. 

If you already have a project architect, we're happy to collaborate with them.

Cabinet and closet layout

You'll work with Solluna's own master cabinet designer to plan the custom cabinetry for your home. 

Interior millwork

Solluna's in-house craftsmen work with you to plan closet layouts, benches, shelving, entertainment centers, and special finishes. 

Other professional experts

Solluna brings in other trusted team members as needed, such as:

  • Surveyor

  • Structural engineer

  • Arborist

  • Interior designer

  • Rainwater collection expert

  • Solar energy expert

  • Septic engineer