Austin Area Custom Home Builder and Whole-House Remodeler


Masterful teamwork

Careful planning leads to smooth construction.


Building a home is complex. It involves many layers, many players, and many details. Skilled trade contractors. Suppliers, materials, and components. Schedules, deliveries, checkpoints, handoffs. Permits, codes, standards, and ratings.

Detailed planning

Before Solluna Builders ever raises a hammer, we work closely with you to develop detailed specifications about your projects. Decisions are made. Costs are fleshed out. Production schedule is in place. You and the entire team all have a common understanding of exactly how your home will be built and the components and materials that will go it.

You can rest easy knowing construction will go smoothly due to excellent planning. 

It takes a team

Just as we use teamwork to design and plan your project, teamwork really kicks in once we start construction on your project. We’ve honed and streamlined our tools and management practices to keep projects moving swiftly and smoothly, forestalling delays and keeping costs in check.

On-site supervision. Our experienced Solluna construction supervisor coordinates and oversees the work on the job site. He keeps you up-to-date with reports and meetings at least once a week.

Purchasing and finances. It takes more than hammers and saws to build your home. Money, information, and detailed record-keeping are important tools too. Our operations staff manages business relationships and purchasing with trade contractors, vendors, and lenders. We give you up-to-date reports and information. Back at the office, we use sophisticated computerized accounting, record-keeping, and scheduling software.  

Trade contractors. Solluna’s loyal cadre of professional trades contractors are the best – foundation, framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing, and more. Like us, they’re very picky. They believe in quality or they wouldn't be on the Solluna team. And they deliver outstanding workmanship. Savvy and experienced, they work closely with us and with each other to coordinate the work and make it run seamlessly.


Our online team room keeps you and all team members on board and up-to-date with schedules, files, photos, and other information we need to share. We’ll schedule progress updates, walk-throughs, and other on-site meetings with you as needed.

Quality is king

A cornerstone of green building is durability. When you use the right construction methods and materials for the right reason, your home will last longer and require less maintenance. That's our idea of quality. 

Minding the resources

As a green builder, we're serious about using resources wisely. It shows up in the way we order materials -- just enough and no more. Like you,  we hate waste. We use advanced framing techniques. We sort and recycle construction materials. We champion the use of recycled and reclaimed materials and components. 

Job site cleanliness and safety

We keep your job site clean. Because a clean job site is a safe job site. We walk your lot and grow intimate with your terrain and your trees. We work hard to minimize the impact on  your landscape  and your neighborhood.


Whenever you have questions during construction, pick up the phone and call. Any team member is just a phone call away.