Solluna Builders Consulting Services


Come take a seat at the table.

Let's plan your home.


Planning a custom home or major home renovation project from scratch can get complicated, especially if you’ve never done it before.

  • What information do you need?

  • What steps to take?

  • Who needs to be involved?

  • How do you know what you don’t know?

  • How much will it cost?

You know you’ll need a solid, well-considered plan. And the Solluna consulting process takes you through the steps.

Call us. There’s no charge for the initial consultation.

Phase 1 - discovery

At the first meeting, we listen. We want to know your goals, your wants, your needs.

Bring lots of questions. We’ll have questions for you, too.

What do you want? What do you need? What’s your lifestyle? What’s your budget? Where’s your property? How’s the topography? How feasible is it to build on the lot you’re considering purchasing? What will we need to do about water, sewer, electrical, transportation? What are the permitting and zoning requirements? Where are the property setbacks? What’s the best use of your property? How can we help you get the best result for your investment?

We help you assess the scope of your project. We discuss the feasibility of building within your budget. If you don’t have a budget in mind yet, we can help you zero in on a likely target.

Are your finances in order? Now is a good time for you stop and visit with a lender or two about your project. If you don’t have a lender, we can help you with that.

Phase 2 – architectural layout and rough estimate

You’ll work with the architectural designer, who draws floor plans, exterior elevations, and site plan to meet the needs of your project. It’s exciting to see your ideas take shape!

Based on the plans, Solluna stops and produces a rough cost estimate. Are we on target to meet your budget? What changes do we need to make? What else do we need to know?

When everything looks good, your project moves to the next step. Get ready to get busy.

Phase 3 – detailed planning

In phase 3, the rubber really hits the road.

The architectural designer completes detailed architectural and site plans, ready for permitting and construction.

Solluna engages a structural engineer to prepare engineered plans for foundation and structure for your home, necessary for permitting.

You huddle with Solluna’s in-house expert to design your custom cabinets and interior millwork. You work with the Solluna team to make decisions and select finishes and fixtures for your home – doors, appliances, flooring, tile, countertops, plumbing and lighting fixtures, and more.

Solluna works with its team of trusted vendors and trade contractors to work out details and pricing for the different elements of your custom home or whole-house remodel. Solluna develops detailed written specifications about the materials, products, and construction techniques to be used on your project.

We bring in other professional experts as needed, such as surveyor, geotechnical engineer, arborist, rainwater collection expert, and solar photovoltaic expert.

How do we keep track of all these details and keep you informed along the way? Using our online team room. [Read more]

The result

At the end of this flurry of activity, you now have:

  • Detailed architectural plans ready for permitting and construction

  • Decisions made about your custom home or remodel

  • Detailed, written construction specifications

  • An accurate cost estimate

Congratulations! Pre-construction consulting is complete. You’re now ready to sign a fixed-price construction contract with Solluna Builders. And you have a complete package to present to your lender for appraisal and financing.