Austin Area Whole-House Remodeling

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Improve the comfort and value of your home

Creative solutions


Want to bring your 60’s ranch style home up to date? Need to reorganize rooms and remove walls for better use of space? Add a family room or new wing? Make necessary structural improvements? Incorporate energy efficiencies while you’re at it? Make your home better fit the needs of your family?

Solluna can take care of that.

We specialize in whole-house remodels, where we’re making such extensive changes – removing walls, say, or ripping out kitchens and bathrooms, replacing floors, windows, and doors, rewiring the house, you get the idea -- that your family can’t live in the house during the process. This rule doesn’t apply, of course, if we’re making a simple addition or building a separate granny flat or other auxiliary building.

Remodeling is an exercise in creative problem solving. It requires careful planning and design, and our Solluna consulting services offering is set up to handle the process.

We help you think through the tradeoffs between what you want to achieve and what’s feasible within your budget. How to navigate permitting requirements. Examine setbacks and available space to add a family room, patio, or pool. Consider electrical, plumbing, and structural changes necessary for the new mother-in-law suite.  

Our Solluna customers who walk with us through the process love the process. They understand that the more time we spend on careful planning, the shorter the actual construction time. And they love their new, refreshed home at the end.