"We take a holistic approach to each project. Our designers craft functional living spaces according to your lifestyle, needs, desires, and special considerations"

Design Services

Planning a new home or renovation is more than just getting a nice set of plans. Before you get too far down that road, let’s talk.

Our philosophy is simple:  beautiful, energy-efficient design right from the start.

Each unique project requires its own best solution, which we discover together through proactive communication and collaboration. To guide you through this process, Solluna offers a pre-construction consulting service. We use a comprehensive, structured, team-based approach to discovery, design, and decisions about your project. Many elements go into your project. Everyone on the team needs to understand the requirements, considerations, and constraints that affect your property and project before the designer puts pen to paper.

Getting a home that fits your lifestyle involves working with a designer who designs plans to according to your needs and lifestyle. A home for you to live and love in. A home that meets your needs as a family. A home that meets your budget. A home that can help you minimize long-term operating costs and maintenance because it’s designed using the green building principles and methods and site-specific environmental design practices.

Solluna works with some talented, experienced home designers who are knowledgeable about construction, building techniques, and green, sustainable, energy-efficient design. If you already have an architect or building designer, we will be happy to work with them.

 Another aspect of design is the interior of your custom home or renovation. Our goal is to create a functional, unique, and comfortable environment that is designed around your needs and lifestyle. By applying creativity, integrity, and design knowledge to your project we can create a space that is not only beautiful but well planned and is beneficial to your overall well-being.

 A member of Solluna team will help you with space planning, finish selections, lighting design, 3D renderings if you desire.