Austin Area Custom Home Builder


To us, a custom home means . . .

There's a customer. You, the homeowner.


At Solluna Builders, every home is unique to a specific customer. No two are alike.

We build full-custom, from-scratch, let’s-start-with-your-ideas-and-go-from-there custom homes.

You get the home you want, designed and built specifically for your family, your home site, your budget.


What do you want and need?

Under the Solluna Builders consult-design-build process, our team works with you from the beginning to

  • assess your home site

  • discover what you need in terms of orientation, size, utilities, function, style, finishes, and amenities

  • plan and design your custom home within your budget

  • build your custom home using tried-and-true green building methods and materials.


It takes a team

Solluna believes in collaboration and teamwork.

We expect you to roll up your sleeves, hunker down with the team, and be fully involved. After all, it's your home. 

Bring your ideas and questions. We'll provide our ideas, expertise, and solutions. We'll bring in experts as needed to address details as we progress through planning, design, and construction. 


Your priorities

What are your priorities?

  • Maybe you’re a last-time home buyer looking to build on rural or semi-rural land with room to park an RV. Install a rainwater collection system. Add solar panels.

  • Maybe you inherited a piece of land and aren't quite sure how best to develop it.

  • Maybe you want to build in the city. Perhaps tear-down an old structure and build a beautiful new, fresh, efficient home for your family.

  • Maybe you’re an investor who wants to build rental property.

Whatever the case, Solluna can help.


A frequently asked question

Here’s a question we hear often from homeowners:

“What's your style?” they ask.

Our answer: Our style is your style. Our job is to help you get what you want.