Consulting Services

Planning a custom home or major home renovation project from scratch can get complicated, especially if you’ve never done it before. What information do you need? What steps to take? Who needs to be involved? How do you know what you don’t know? 

Members of the Solluna Builders team can provide you additional services under a Professional Consulting Agreement.

Solluna takes a holistic approach to each project, equally accounting for the people who live in the home, their lifestyle, design, budget, techniques, and materials. The Solluna teams works closely with home owners from beginning through completion so you can make smart, informed choices about the best way to meet your needs, and add value to your home. This process allows us to save our clients both time and money. 

How to get started

Call us. There's no charge for the initial consultation. At the first meeting, we listen. We want to know your goals, your wants, you needs. Bring lots of questions. We help you assess the scope of your project. We discuss the feasibility of building within your budget. If you don't have a budget in mind yet, we can help you zero in on a likely target. 

We can help you...

  • Find a lot
  • Evaluate a lot you're considering purchasing
  • Evaluate the cost to develop raw land for building
  • Evaluate the feasibility of renovating a home and the best use of your renovation budget
  • Put together your design and production team
  • Choose green methods and materials
  • Arrange for topographical surveys, tree surveys, soil tests, septic profile, engineering, and septic design
  • Review existing design plans for accuracy
  • Find and select a lender
  • Material take-off
  • Cross-check on bids/orders from manufacturers/suppliers
  • Code review
  • ADA review
  • Potential design or engineering issues
  • Analyze information required by home owner’s association, architectural review committee, city, deed restrictions, and so forth.
  • Public speaking and workshops

Solluna Builders’ founder Wayne Jeansonne is a popular speaker and workshop presenter at events and workshops.  He loves to talk about green building!  He is available for short talks on a variety of topics, or for longer seminars or workshops.  Call and we can discuss your needs.