Team Loyalty


If you've been following our recent blog posts, you might have have noticed a team theme running through them: We advocate putting your design/builder/homeowner team together early in the process to assure the best results from the start. Before we jump headlong into the actual building process, I'd like to talk about team loyalty.

A builder is defined as "a person who constructs something by putting parts or material together over a period of time."

First, let me dispel the rumor that I'm the guy on the job site hammering lumber and building materials together to create your home. I'm not. Sure, there are builders who are also framing contractors and who do most of the work on their projects. But in booming Austin, many builders are general contractors, like me. So please allow me to redefine the builder role.

A builder is a person or company who takes ideas, plans, and decisions and directs talented people to assemble materials over a period of time.

Yes, our homes are built by talented people. Not just subcontractors, not just trades, but individuals who are expected to bring their best work to the job everyday. How does a builder in this booming economy find talented individuals? How do we keep them coming back and wanting to work with us? How are we assured we're getting their best effort for the best price?

Team loyalty! And this concept goes both ways.

See the photo at the top of this story? That's our foundation team -- WR Construction. They've been part of our team longer than any other trade contractor. They've been working their concrete magic on our projects for over fifteen years! 

Why has Solluna remained loyal to Wenceslao and his team?

Well, it's not because they're the cheapest guys in town. They've not, but their pricing is certainly fair. I'm loyal to Wenceslao and his team because of the quality work they do every time. Believe me, I've occasionally hired the "cheap guy" in other areas, and the results have never been up to our standards. Besides, I want Wenceslao to be able to pay his employees, purchase new equipment, and make a decent living.

I'm loyal to Wenceslao and his team because I see the same experienced team members show up on every foundation pour.  They're pros. 

Do they pass all the inspections on the first pass? No, not all of them, just most of them, and they're damn quick to make the necessary corrections before the pour.

What about results? Consistent. Every time. This is vitally important because many of our clients stain or polish their concrete foundation to use as the floor.  

How does Solluna help WR Construction succeed on the jobs they do for us? By providing engineered plans at the bidding stage for value accurate pricing. By meeting at the job site to review the terrain, soil conditions, elevation changes, access, and so forth. By managing the project for success. By paying promptly upon completion of their part in the project.

Why is all this important? Well, you want your custom home to be right. And if the foundation isn't right, then everything on top of it will be off.

Next time, we really will talk about foundations.