Happy New Year!!


2017 was a helluva year. So let's move on, shall we? No resolutions, no predictions, no pronouncements. 

There's a lot going on in the housing industry, from the internet of things, new building materials, design ideas, to CodeNext. How much of this effects you? Depends on where you are in the housing cycle.

Are you downsizing for travel during retirement? Are you building your "forever" home on property you may share with other family members? Are you investing in property you own by building senior rentals? Are you renovating a recently paid off home?

Maybe you're thinking about tearing down that tired old craftsman-style and coming back with something modern. How about building a net-zero home complete with rain-water harvesting and solar panels?

But, you may be thinking of something totally different. That's okay, because the questions are about some of the current projects we are working. You can bring us something different. We like looking at a variety of projects.

But how will you know about what we are really good at? You know, the stuff that we really like doing? Easy. I'll tell you. Hey, I'm pretty sure that if you are really good at something and proud of it, you tell people. We're going to write more blogs. We want to give you information on our website that is helpful and informative. It will be interactive, meaning you need to give us comments. In fact, keep an eye on the website as it will have a new look in a couple of weeks. We will drop photos, ideas, quotes, cute cats, etc. into our Facebook stream. Check out our Houzz page as new projects have been added. Also, keep an eye on that site as we include more ideabooks. Beware, Pinterest is next.