Why I Love Concrete Floors

I just moved into a new house and fell in love with my concrete floors.

It wasn't supposed to happen that way.

When I was thinking about flooring for my house, the only thing I was sure of was that I didn't want carpet. I have allergies. I wanted flooring that would be easy to care for and that wouldn't hold dust and allergens as carpeting does. Concrete was just a temporary solution.

I looked at a lot of different floor coverings. I put tile in the bathrooms but didn't particularly want tile in the rest of the house. There was something about keeping all that grout clean that just didn't appeal to me. I looked at cork, linoleum, hardwoods, and bamboo. They all had pluses and minuses. I was feeling overwhelmed and felt that I just couldn't decide. Concrete floors turned out to be the cheapest way to go, and since I was over budget in other areas, I decided to go with concrete. My thinking was that I could add flooring later when I figured out what I wanted.

Then I moved in. My concrete floors had all these wonderful patterns in them. There were imprints where the oak trees had left leaves while the concrete dried. In certain areas, the floor looked like marble. There was a pattern that was unique to my house. It was absolutely beautiful!

And it was cool. I moved into the house at the end of July. Summer in Texas is no joke and the feeling of coolness under my feet as I walked through the house was not to be ignored. The floor is smooth and cool but not shiny or slippery. It feels good when I get out of bed, when I work in the kitchen or when I am playing at my computer.

Concrete is so easy to keep clean! I purchased a sweeper/steam mop to clean the floors. It picks up the dirt, and then the steam cleans the floor without leaving them too wet and without using any harsh chemicals. It's so simple. In between cleanings, the floor doesn't show dirt. I just love the low maintenance.

Several people have asked if I will add area rugs, particularly when it gets cooler. I might add some small ones, just to bring in a little color, but I really like the look and feel of the concrete floor. However, I must admit that rugs would absorb sound. With concrete floors, there is a bit of an echo in the house.

I don't know how it will be in the winter. If it gets cold, I can wear my slipper socks (which I love and don't get to use much in Texas) and curl up on the sofa. However, if I have a lot to do and the floor is cold, it might be uncomfortable. Then I may consider adding an area rug or two. Besides, here in Texas winter only lasts a few weeks anyway.

There is one more minus to my floor. It's not completely level so chairs sometimes wobble. This is such a minor flaw that it doesn't bother me at all. My floor is so easy to clean, especially when I make a mess (which is often) and I enjoy looking at the patterns so I would really rather not change anything.

I love concrete floors!