Solluna Builders’ biggest fan

by Cynthia Brown, home owner March 13, 2008

Dear Wayne and all the staff at Solluna Builders,

Now that the final inspections have been completed and my moving-in process has started, I'd like to give all of you a very big thank-you for all the hard work that you've done on my 5 Star energy rated GREEN home. These past six months have been quite a journey, and I'm very honored to have shared it with you.

Even before I had chosen a builder for my project, I had many concerns formulating in my mind; concerns which include learning what a green home would be, being able to afford a green home on my modest salary, and being able to find a custom home builder that I could work with who could meet my homebuilding needs.

As I started to learn what makes a home green, Solluna Builders was there from the beginning, offering points of reference and answering what seemed like endless questions related to the green building process. When I was examining my potential building budget, Solluna builders offered options and worked with me to help me afford a very energy efficient home. And after considering who to choose as my final builder, Solluna Builders met me on my terms to create a smooth working partnership.

Once my project was formalized and started to become a work in progress, my site manager Nathan Dierenger worked with great enthusiasm and diligence to keep the construction site moving on schedule. My architect Joe Putman has been a quiet steady, dependable presence. And Steve 'the cabinet guy' Swartzlander, contributed not only a smart, practical kitchen design, but a great sense of humor as well. Mary and Kristi, thanks for keeping the guys in line.

To anyone who is considering building a green home, do your homework first. Then I would definitely recommend that they contact Wayne and all the staff connected to Solluna Builders. Building a home is not a one-way event, and throughout these past few months I have felt that this experience has been a very positive working partnership. Your honesty when dealing with what could have been potential problems and how you followed thru with it, spoke volumes to me as to the high level of integrity that you brought to the partnership.

Thinking back on how this journey has evolved, if asked if I would do it again, my response would be a resounding YES!- -but only if Solluna Builders were my partners in the process all over again. I know that there are many different home builder out there, but you have helped me create something more valuable--a home that will reflect my personality, help me nurture my friendships, and provide a safe environment to expand my creative endeavors as a craft person.

Please note that although the construction has finished, you will always have an open door to the home that you helped me build. Thank you again for all your hard work and positive energy. I LOVE MY HOUSE!

Solluna Builders' biggest fan,

Cynthia Brown